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Manchu alphabet


The Manchu alphabet was commissioned in 1599 by the Manchu leader Nurhaci (1559-1626), the founder of the Manchu state. The letters are based on the Classical Mongolian alphabet while the phonetics are based on Jurchen, an earlier Manchu script. The alphabet was modified slightly in 1632.

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Manchu, a member of the Tungusic group of Altaic languages. There are currently about 9 million Manchus living in north-eastern China, of whom about 100 speak Manchu and only 20 can read and write it. Most speak only Mandarin.

Manchu alphabet


Manchu Vowels


Manchu consonants


Manchu numerals and numbers

Sample text

Manchu text sample


Following his advice, when the army was about to enter the town, he abandoned the town and fled. Akim Bek volunteered to handle the affairs, so he did the duty on behalf of the General. He had been to the capital city to present himself before the Emperor. His estate in the city and property in Kashgar, were used to provide the people living in Shikago, left in the capital city, or inherited by his son. He inherited the title of the Duke of Assisting the Nation, and was bestowed the hereditary title of Akim Bek. His son inherited the hereditary title of Akim Bek.



Online Manchu forum with lessons (in Chinese)

满文输入工具 (Manchu Script Creator) - converts Romanized text to the Manchu script and lessons in how to write Manchu, a dictionary and other material

Manchu fonts

Manchu in Unicode

Tungusic / Manchu-Tungus languages
Emurhergen, Even, Evenki, Jurchen, Manchu, Nanai


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